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Hair splines connected by Nurbs surface

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Hi, I’m trying to connect hair splines with a Loft Nurb into one surface. I’m half way, but struggle with some issues:


1: In order to use hair as splines, I set them “As Guids” (Hairs/Roots tab) and “Spline” (Generate/Type tab). The problem is that the splines do not have the same amount of segments as the Guides. It seems the number of Segments vary with the curvature of the spline. I looking for a way to get a constant amount of segments for a clean mesh topology of the Nurbs (fixed number of polygons).


2: To connect the splines with the Loft Nurb, they have to be separate objects. So I used an xpresso script I found to control each individual hair by a cloner. That has certain restrictions and I wonder if there is a more direct way to apply Nurbs to the hair object.


Many thanks for any hint!

cloner to object xpresso 01.c4d

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  • Solved the first issue by using Mosplines (sample scene attached).


    Still wondering if there is a more direct way to add nurbs. Want to stay more flexible, eg. when changing the amount of hairs, without the need of adapting all instances manually.

    cloner to object xpresso HAIR 02.c4d

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    I am not at all clear on what you are trying to do but you can connect objects to hairs using Xpresso as in the following example:

    Hair Tip Objects 3.c4d


    Hair Points Node is really powerful. Be sure to press Play


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