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Rendering asset error

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Hi there!

I recently downloaded a project file from Nikomedia, and whenever i try to render a frame i get a couple asset errors, and the render comes out in terrible quality. Please see the attached PDF for what i'm seeing.

https://we.tl/t-XKOtGvoNB9 - here is a download link to project file

Also, when i load the program, i get an error saying that there is a missing plugin called "octane renderer". But i have had problems with installing this plugin, do you think that the missing "octane renderer" is associated with the missing assets?

I am really new to c4d so your help would be really appreciated!

Many thanks,



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Yes that'll be it. You can't just load a scene that uses the Octane Renderer into a machine that doesn't have it - that's never going to work.

You could try installing the Octane demo - that might address the missing files, but I couldn't guarantee it. It wouldn't surprise me if you needed the full version though.



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