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Hi ! 👋

I'm a beginner in C4D and I would like to modelize a net bag ! See image attach or link below


The method I found to do that is to use sweep on spline and cloners. I have the flat mesh and now i'm trying to wrap it around spheres (exactly like orange in the ikea picture). I would like to know the best way to do that ?!



Théo 😉





Annotation 2020-02-13 171428.png

weave 2.c4d

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If you are an absolute beginner, then don't bother modelling it properly, which would take you ages, and require detailed step by step instructions.

Instead get a plane primitive with about 20 segments in both directions, and pop that under an Atom array, which will instantly give you the meshing if you turn the spheres down suitably small. Next you can either use cloth or soft body dynamics to turn the plane into a bag type form. There are lots of Youtube tutorials on both cloth and dynamics (search c4d cloth for example), so I suggest you watch a couple of those first, as well as ideally a proper 'intro to the interface' type tutorial like this one. Without that you will find these systems very difficult to guess how to use...



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hi Cerbera, thx for your answer !

I'm not an absolute beginner, I use C4D since 2 years so i'm pretty ok with the interface thx ! I'm a beginner in modeling techniques..

I'll try your method. thx

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Ah OK, that makes things a bit easier. So are you familiar with the main modelling tools and workflows at all ? (extrude, cut tools, slide etc etc).

If so I can probably help a bit more here. But you do need to say whether this is for a still shot or an animation...



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Hi again,

I was doing tests today and try to animate un plane with soft body to fall down on the table. Then I put my plane in an Atom Array to get the mesh effect. It's pretty close to the result I'm  looking for, but it's still look rigid... is this a way to smooth the atom array ? subdivide ? I thinh the problem is Atom Array generate mesh after the dynamics...







Annotation 2020-02-17 185643.png

Annotation 2020-02-17 185839.png

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1 minute ago, Theo alran said:

I thinh the problem is Atom Array generate mesh after the dynamics...

You need it to calculate after the dynamics - the whole system will instantly explode if that happens beforehand !

Subdivision doesn't help here, and I'm afraid the way this system was built means smoothing it in the way you want is really very difficult.


Which, I'm afraid, puts us back to square 1. The remaining options are:


1. Model it properly, which requires some very advanced modelling skills.

2. Fake it with textures and alpha maps.


So maybe option 2 there is the next one to explore ?





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