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Cloner with both rigid body and collision?

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I have grid of boxes made with cloner, I am crashing a sphere into it, and I want to add emitter that also interacts with the grid of boxes. With the sphere, the grid is the rigid body and sphere collider tag, but with the emitter, I want the emitter to be rigid body and grid the collider, so the emitter gets pushed around by the grid. Is there a way to make this work? 

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7 hours ago, Hrvoje said:

Please attach a scene file...

 Here is sample file.

Two setups, where grid of boxes are collider in one setup and rigid in the other. I want to make the large collision object plow through the grid of boxes, moving the grid of boxes around the object as it goes through; and at the same time have emitters move around the grid of boxes as they are moved by the collision object.

Ridgit & Collider setup.c4d

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By following what you stated in file you are looking for simple parenting? Maybe I misunderstood but this does what you wrote in file via nulls 🙂




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oh my, yes this is it; thank you. Quick question, how would I make the emitter not move the cloners (still interact and avoid) but let the cube move the cloner?

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