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Piotr Janowski

Spline Outline and extrude problem

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In my misearble attempts to learn c4d I came again across a problem that I could not find a solution online so far. Maybe someone can help me out.
I am following an old tutorial that was done in R16 but that should propably not matter because the tools used here are very basic.
So I recreating the tutors work by making an editable spline to create a frame for an arch window. 
1. spline editable.
2. Make outline
3. extrude

The original file shows the extrusion only on the frame but when I extrude it covers the whole object.
I have attached the scenes with two models. One is a copy paste from the tutorial files and the other is my attempt to recreate it. 
I am using R21 on 10.13.6 osx
Where do I make a mistake?
Thank You very much in advance

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 18.08.24.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 18.08.35.png


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Your first spline has 80 points, second one just 10. First spline could have some disconnected segments, but you simply can not find and connect them manually, because 8 points share the same position...


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Thank You for Your answer. You definetely have pointed for the reason why this extrusion is behaving like this. I still don't know where all the points got from.

I did again the same procedure and now it suddenly is ok.

I wish I knew what is causing this but I am very gratefull for Your answer. Thank You!



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Pls update your profile to the version you are actually using so that you don't confuse the people trying to help...


Just for your reference there is actually a huge difference between R16 and 17+ because in R17 we got a completely new spline pen. Perhaps some discrepancy between your tutorial and the new tools led to all your duplicate points ? Although I can't immediately see how they would have done...


I do have to minorly correct our good friend @bezo in fact we can isolate the duplicate points in your existing file because we can select a single point on a spline (visible only checked in the selection tool) and then do U,W (Select Connected) and press delete to remove a single copy of it. If we do that a few times eventually the whole spline will disappear, and you can undo once, to get it back and know you have just a single spline remaining there 


Or, monitoring the point count in the HUD will let you know how many times you need to do this...



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