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Multishader not multishading

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I'm trying to use multishader to paste images on to a cloner with 27 planes. It seems trivial, BUT... only 3 of the 27 images are appearing on the cloner. See attached screenshot. It's as though the shader only sees 3 of the 27 images.


Any idea what I'm doing wrong?   (apart from getting out of bed today...). 

multishader error.png

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I think Multi shader doesn't work so straightforward on cloners in grid array mode.

Add a Step effector and turn all transform parameters off, set color on. You also might want to tick off alpha and set the spline shape to linear – no ease in /out.


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  • Voytech, many thanks for taking the time to reply in detail. At the risk of seeming terminally thick, I could not get it to work. See attached screenshot. Does the step effector need to be a box shape covering all the clones? I tried a box field and that did not work, either. best regards, David856285316_Screenshot2020-02-17at18_05_46.thumb.png.87d8e74b8c87168b6605ae6f3b2c40bb.png856285316_Screenshot2020-02-17at18_05_46.thumb.png.87d8e74b8c87168b6605ae6f3b2c40bb.png856285316_Screenshot2020-02-17at18_05_46.thumb.png.87d8e74b8c87168b6605ae6f3b2c40bb.png

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    Hmm, I'm not sure why it is not working for you..
    Anyway, here is a scene for you. It makes use of  c4d shaders - no textures, so I wouldn't have to upload them. Check that out. Remember that if you are using other effectors to alter position, scale etc. , you might want to turn Color Mode off  in those..

    hope that helps,


    multi Colour.jpg

    multi color.c4d

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