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Mesh Deformer - PoseMorph (Post Deformers) Problem with distortion.

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Anyone have any luck getting Posemorph to deform properly when using a mesh deformer? Posemorph is set to "Post Deformer". 

The scenario: Character head deformed by mesh deformer, which is linked to my cage mesh, which is deformed by a joint. The posemorph tag morphs (set to "Points" for mouth shapes) is distorting correctly until I rotate the joint.  

I understand why this is happening... just wondering if anyone has figured out a solution. I'm going to go ahead and just weight the head/neck mesh directly to the joint. I was trying to avoid it as it's a fairly dense mesh.

Also: Kinda curious... what would be the purpose of "Post Deformer" if it doesn't seem to work with Mesh Deformer? My guess is the problem lies somewhere inside of the "Initialize" command, which is different than your average deformer.

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