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Opening preferences windows R21 problem?!

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Hi there,


I just got new R21 installed, (I had Redshift already so I a got "C4D only" subscription )

I open C4D and go to Edit / Preferences.

It takes 2 mins to open, with the task manager opened C4D is showing as "not responding"

so its completely frozen - but after more or 2 min its coming back...

Opening it second time its quicker, but if I close C4D and try again its doing same thing.


I have 2 X 1070 with updated studio drivers to the latest version.


Anyone had the same problem ? or can suggest a solution please ?


Thanks everyone for help!






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Right you are - just checking. It is about the only thing I can check though - not having 2 video cards or the problem myself, my options are a bit limited ! 🙂

I don't remember seeing this specific issue reported before, but I have seen other issues related to both multiple video cards, RS and R21, so I suspect the issue lies somewhere around that area. We can wait here to see if anyone who does have 2 cards / RS has noticed this ( I might move this into the RS section, so the people who have that will see it) but in the meantime do make sure you submit a support request to MAXON.




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