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Gothic Arch Modelling

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Hello 🙂

I'm Jérôme, i'm living in France. I'm a beginner on C4D.

I discover this forum while searching for a method to modelise some gothic archs.

I'm trying to do like on the picture but I can't find a way to join the archs


For the blue part it's done, same for the red. But to connect them I don't know how I can make it because it needs to be curved and follow exactly the blue path and in the same time needs to keep this straight yellow line in the middle.


Please can you tell me what can I do to achieve this, i'm sure it's not that hard, but I waste so much time, I need help 🙂

Thx a lot !


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Oh you have come to exactly the right place 🙂 See my rocking gif tips, page 5.

See also Contrafibbularities tutorials on Youtube (or see cafe home page), he has some arch tuts that may also help.



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  • Hey, thx for your fast answer.

    I go throught your nice tutorial thx for sharing it.

    It's perfect when we have 4 windows but here I have 8 so this technique don't work anymore.

    Pfiuh modelisation is such a pain. it is so hard to fit perfectly to the real room. For my project, the version with 4 windows can work, but i'm like, hmm I wanted the 8 windows version like the room on the picture ! But I just can't find how to do it. I know i'm beginner but it's really frustrating, how can I learn that.. I don't even know. This is so specific.. it need to be straight on the top (yellow line) and arched on the side (blue line), and the whole thing need to fit perfectly to the window shape (red). It looks like there is one chance over 1 million to have the good result haha.


    I use a cloner to make the archs in blue. Maybe it's not a good way..

    I don't want to give up, but looks like I can't do it..

    Please if you have any idea on how to do this yellow "arrow shape" it will be so nice.





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  • I got an idea !


    But I need one tips !

    How can I curve some edge ?

    Like on the picture. I want ONLY the yellow line to get curved.

    So the blue lines stay straight and the yellows get a nice curve. I'm sure it's possible but can't find the right tool !

    You have an idea ?

    model arche 2.jpg

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    This is not so hard to sort out - I had hoped you could adapt the technique from the 4-way vault to make your 8-way, but I can show you if you're still struggling.. Just not today - my 3D PC is being replaced, so is down for now... but I do have this I made earlier - a 6-way vault like in your idea above...




    Hopefully you can see how this was made, but the principal stages are:


    • Build the end of 1 arch, 1 polygon wide
    • Extrude that (with caps) all the way back to the opposite arch end.
    • Knife tool (line cut with angle snap) to cut through entire mesh at suitable angle from half way point to edge
    • Delete half the mesh and put under array to get remaining sections
    • Put that under a connect object, and group that with a bevel deformer in chamfer mode to get the nice edges.



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  • Hey thanks a lot for your help !

    I finally achieve approximately what I wanted. This is not perfect, I have some troubles in the mesh and when I put a bevel someting horrible happen 😂


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. That give me more will to learn C4D haha


    Thank you so muuuch 😍😁


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