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Python or Script HELP

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Hello C4D Cafe community.


First post here.

I am working for a large Industrial Company with complex CAD models consisting of Assemblies and many thousands of parts. 

When importing these CAD exports into C4D, we have a huge list of assemblies that we would like to configure. For example:
We have 5 steering wheels, and we only want to see a certain one, VISIBLE, but we do want to have the other steering wheels NOT VISIBLE.

All this visibility or not visibility we would like to automate. For example, we create a note doc, or word doc, or excel sheet, that C4D reads and makes visible what is on that list and makes invisible what is not on that list. Simply by just turning the stop lights on and off.

Is this possible? I guess I will start there.

Ofcourse next question would be, how?

We are a paying company, and any help with this script would be paid for and those details we can discuss privately when even possible.

Thank you for your ideas and comments.
Hyster and Yale Group

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sure, that's possible. If you can identify the parts by name (or path... if names are duplicate, it may be necessary to identify them by assembly), a CSV format file can be read into C4D and control the visibility.

If your models contain repetitive sub-assemblies, maybe there could even be an interactive solution.

A script would be easiest (and cheapest) I guess...


Drop me a note if you want to discuss a solution.


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  • Hi Cairyn,


    This is GREAT news. Thank you.


    Each Assembly has a specific number, which is a group in C4D, then inside that group are series of sub assemblies all with specific names and numbers. There are no duplicate names. Everything has its own name, assembly and all parts. 


    I will drop you a private message, we would like to have this developed asap.



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    Would be interesting to hear ideas from another programming guru @kbar

    | MAXON Quality Assurance Specialist | 3D Asset Creator | C4D Cafe Manager |

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    11 minutes ago, Igor said:

    Would be interesting to hear ideas from another programming guru @kbar

    I think @Cairyn has this sorted.


    My only other thoughts were if these are IGES assembly files, then I was wondering if this could be done at the import stage. So it only imports just the parts and assemblies that you require, that you specify in a document. Rather than importing the entire model and then hiding the parts. These assemblies can get HUGE with thousands of small parts.  But I haven't tried importing these into C4D myself so I am not sure how powerful the importer is and if that is even possible. 


    If I was writing my own NURBS importer I would have added this in 🙂

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    Writing a new NURBS importer may be a bit overkill for the task at hand 😉 (and I'm more or less finished already anyway)

    I'm always happy when C4D does that file-format stuff for me.

    But naturally, if you are working with a ton of assemblies, you could simplify scenes one by one and then combine them afterwards in their reduced form. Like, deleting unnecessary nulls, deleting objects smaller than a certain size, deleting unnecessary parts by list, then reorganizing the result as .c4d files. So many possibilities for simplification and overnight script runs 😉


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