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Next release will only support Catalina?

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1 hour ago, Intenditore said:

they MUST support a broad range of versions, CS6 and up.

I suppose it's a very different approach for different professional workflows.  I Don't know anyone that still uses it. Like no company, agency, Freelancer or personal friend I have work with in last 5 years.   CS6 is 8 years old and  It's not been on sale for 3 years. Had terrible Multiprocessor support for Premiere and After effects.  I couldn't work with someone who was using CS6 as it's completely impractical for exchanging files.  


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Can someone please explain what AVX practically does? Will its speed up certain areas or take advantage of mutlithreading?

Lets all agree, even though multithread exists in various areas of c4d, makes literally no difference where it actually matters (sims). Been using houdini lately as well, and the gap is massive in terms of stability in dynamics + performance. And i was wondering if this AVX will at least start pushing c4d developing into a better integration with the current hardware. Got myself a 3950x and as expected i see no differences in c4d with my 8 year old i7 🙂

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  • 4 hours ago, prowl said:

    I Don't know anyone that still uses it

    I do, the same with many of my acquaintances from the community. Primarily because it's MUCH more stable, and new versions didn't show a progress worth switching. And this is only one instance among many others. This practice is wicked.

    2 hours ago, thanulee said:

    Can someone please explain what AVX practically does?

    It speeds up vector calculations with a dedicated logical block of a processor.

    You're quite right regarding the multicore support, I agree

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