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Intersecting a tube in a volume

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I'm currently working on a human spine model and I'm trying to combine a tube in it which will help to contain a metal rod and reinforce the vertebrae between themselves.

I successfully did the tube, using a spline wrap and a tube.

However, once I use a boolean to make the intersections between the spine and the tube, I got a strange result tube-3.thumb.jpg.fe7fedbe99229a6fd41b2a33accf117e.jpg

The tube looks hollowed and has no more face above nor below. The tube, normally, looks should look like this:

My goal is to get each one of the vertebrae combining a section of tube so that I could export them individually and print them individually too.
Here is my best attempt but the result shows the tube as reversed inside the vertebrae...

Any advice or idea to share with me?

Many thanks.

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You appear to be building this model somewhat in ignorance of what the topology is doing, and the polygon modelling rules in general, which in some ways is fair enough for 3D printing, which only cares about mesh solidity rather than polygon rules. But booles used like this are something of a quick lazy cheat for people who can't yet model properly, and you can't expect too much from them - they are often unreliable and tend to produce error-filled and unmanageable meshes for subsequent operations AND they get confused by shapes like a tube which have areas of space inside their solid volumes. Of course if you had R20+ then you would just use the Volume Builder instead, which has much less of these problems and does a far better job on the whole, especially in cases like this one... 


Without that, the best answer here is invariably to not use Boolean operations at all, and use regular polygon modelling techniques to build suitable topology into your spine section that would make it suitable for joining to the topology of the tube section. Of course that is easier said than done if you don't have any modelling knowledge, and you can't learn that sh*t overnight or from a single forum post...


So, if that is the case I would recommend trying to make the boole work in the first instance - is there any reason you can't swap out the tubes for cylinders for example ?  They have a higher chance of not erroring and you could subsequently make the boole editable, and then create the inner holes yourself (ideally without another boole !) from the mesh that gives you...


Lastly, if you upload the file we may well be able to suggest more solutions.





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