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tricks to getting most out of rendering takes?

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had a spell where I barely touched c4d, and now back with a new PC beast and a new found interest in all things c4d.  have a few questions I would love feedback on any or all.

- I have a project with a bunch of takes to render out - there doesnt seem to be a "skip existing" option for rendering out of takes manager to PV - considering a render manager - does anyone recommend one over another?  Team Render?  Deadline?  (Mostly working on a 6900 cinebench PC for c4d but also have a 4000 mac pro)

-I have the external compositing project save check on for my render settings, rendering from take manager for a bunch of camera moves, not seeing the after effects projects get saved for each image sequence from the takes manager, will I have to manual turn on each camera and do a save for each, or should it be possible to automatically kick the AE data when rendering each sequence?

- I still love png - arent .exr or TIFF super large files?  Am I a fool for using .png?  Is there anything better?  

-I have a PC and MAC, tried using file sharing, but it never seems to automatically come on and connect between them.  I can get them to talk sometimes when theyre on the wifi - had no luck just plugging an ethernet into the backs of both of these computers.  is a NAS drive or something the answer?  for those of you with networked PC's and Macs - what are you doing, and does it automatically mount the other machine when you turn them on?


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2 hours ago, jbob said:

- I have a project with a bunch of takes to render out - there doesnt seem to be a "skip existing" option for rendering out of takes manager to PV

I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but if you want to skip certain takes when rendering you can just use the small tickbox to the right of their respective names and use "Render marked takes to PV" to only render the ones you ticked.



- I still love png - arent .exr or TIFF super large files?  Am I a fool for using .png?  Is there anything better? 

PNG is fine if you don't plan on doing much in Post as it's 16Bit max. For everything that includes major compositing or color grading / lighting adjustments I'd ALWAYS use *.exr as it supports 32bits and thats just way, way better for color accuracy. You basically get no burnt out blacks or whites no matter how far you push exposure and banding is also not a problem, ever.

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Wow. That's a bunch of questions. To see the power of Takes, I recommend looking up the demo from Chris Villa's presentation at NAB. He goes fast, but when you set it up the right way, it's very powerful. Also, you don't mention which computer you "launch" your renders from. My info below is based on Mac is the main, then PC is the render node.


#1 — Unless you can dedicate a LOT of time to learn and manage something like Deadline AND have a lot of render nodes, I'd skip that one. Overkill unless you're a decent size shop.


#2 —  C4D should save out a .AEC After Effects file which will have a comp with all your layers set up. Not sure why your isn't saving automatically. Make sure you have the Save box checked.


#3 — First thing to do is, on the PC, go into the preferences of the Team Render Client, Renderer --> Team Render and set a Security Token. Pick something simple like 12345 since you're within your own network. I've had issues with Team Render nodes on newer Windows boxes not seeing the server. If you install iTunes on the PC, it will also install Bonjour, which looks around to see if there's anything to connect to. If you're launching a render from your Mac and you're still not seeing the PC, get the IP address from the PC. On the Mac, bring up the Team Render Machines window (in the Render menu). Go to the Machine menu and select Add Machine. Put in the IP address here, followed by a ":" colon (no quotes), and a port number. Probably 5401. Should look like this "" Then right-click and Verify. Type in 12345 and you're done. 

The only other thing is if you have any plug-ins or third part Content Browser libraries. Make sure EACH render node has them, as they don't always copy over when rendering.


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