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Radial Cloner Problem w Random Color

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I've got a Shader effector with an animated random noise driving color of clones via a color shader. Works as I'd expect when cloner is linear. Get the random coloring on the clones. But when cloner is radial the clones are no longer effected on an individual basis just as a whole. Why? I can't figure it out.


BONUS - I'm cloning a piece of pie radially. But when I subdivide the pieces aren't flush to form a circle. So I use a connect object but that KILLS my animated noise coloring. How can I get around this problem?


see attached. Thanks for looking.


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That is due to way how shader effector applies textures to different clone constellations. Change space in noise shader to UV (2D).

Bonus : Subdivide your mesh before cloning 🙂

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  • Thanks - that worked (change noise space)


    Subdividing mesh prior to cloning gives random color - but breaks the circular shape. Guess I could just subdivide a slice, bake down and then clone. That works.


    Thanks for help.

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