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List of all C4D Plugins

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I will not copy paste this valuable resource, many times we had this question about where to find a list of all C4D Plugins, so I will just link it here as guy deserves some attention. 🙂

So here is the list of many available Plugins for C4D:


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Thank you for the list. Unfortunately it has many plugins which are discontinued or old. Is there a more recent list, which works better? Searching especially Axis Constraint  ,  SnapPRS, Multisnap, Kyamaslide. Thanks!

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All R21 ports (SnapPRS included) from plugin developer Hashimoto (anoanoW) you can find on his new website



From Keith Young (developer of Riptide, Undertow, Kyamaslide) I have no any info for a longer time. And his website is also down.

Hope he is ok...



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Thank you. Did you ever use INSYDIUM Bridge for plugins? It seems not to work for me. Cinema R20 loads and loads and does not start (without errors). Any experience?

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I think there are more issues, plugins could work or  could not.

Bridge is for non commercial plugins not plugins with standard licencing system (serial number, licence file etc. which are locks to every release separately imo)

In R20 I have a few installed thru bridge, but don´t remember which ones ...

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Maybe at some point we could do our own little plugin page, but at the moment I really dont have time. If people would help with that then it would be more duable! 

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