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In addition to minor stability improvements and adjustments, the software has been further maintained and optimized in order to guarantee users the high reliability they are expecting from Cinema 4D. The installation of this service pack is therefore recommended for all users of R21. Details can be found in the Changelist PDF.



U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | C4D Cafe Contributions

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Full notes from the PDF:



• Fixed a stability issue with the Weight tool


• Fixed a stability issue with exporting a FBX file and Cineware


• Fixed an issue with the OpenEXR format

• Fixed a stability issue with the RPF format

• Fixed an issue with Save for Cineware


• Fixed an issue with the Offline Help


• Fixed an issue with using some keyboard shortcuts on macOS

• Fixed a stability issue with baking Dynamics simulation

• Fixed an issue with accessing the macOS system font


• Fixed an issue with an outdated Python version and Cinema 4D Lite


• Fixed an issue with the machine name length in the License Manager

• Fixed an issue with the licensing of Cineversity


• Fixed a stability issue with Node Editor‘s Asset Editing mode


• Fixed a stability issue with the Weld tool

• Fixed some stability issues with loading several scene files

• Fixed a stability issue with the Subdivision Surface object

• Fixed a stability issue with the Lathe object

• Fixed a stability issue with using some Generator objects

• Fixed a performance issue with the Boole object

• Fixed a stability issue with the Boole object

• Fixed a stability issue with the Shape setting of the Bevel deformer

• Fixed a stability issue with the Sweep object

• Fixed a stability issue with the Sphere object

• Fixed a stability issue with the Display tag

• Fixed an issue with the Untriangulate tool


• Fixed a performance issue with MoGraph effectors


• Fixed a stability issue with installing updates in Cinema 4D Lite


• Fixed some stability issues with switching between the different panel views


• Fixed some stability issues with the OpenSSL secure communications library


• Fixed an issue to print Bit Sequence in the console

• Fixed an issue with DescID not working with shift operator

• Fixed an issue with the syntax of the function GetHiddenLayerNum

• Fixed an issue with HairObject.GenerateHair not returning an alive object

• Fixed an issue with an optional argument in the function SplineData::SetType

• Fixed an issue in TextureTag.GetMaterial

• Fixed an issue with c4d.gui.TreeViewFunctions.InputEvent

• Fixed an issue with an empty script in PYTHONPATH environment variables


• Fixed a stability issue with Team Render


• Fixed a stability issue with showing some scene files

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18 hours ago, expo said:

Why isn't it called 21.2? The last update was 21.1.

Doesn't matter anyway. What does "maintained and optimized" mean? Aren't this just the usual bugfixes?

It's to appear like the subscription money is doing a good job of providing people with a healthy return on their investment. 

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given the lack of r21 features and any sub release so far and glacial pace of development and subs I can understand your skepticism. I still have some hope left for a bit of innovation coming our way, actual changes and development to make Redshift work better in c4d, and integrate red giant tech in cool ways, but I must admit my optimism is fading  more every day. Especially given all the aging parts of cinema 4d that haven’t been touched . When that Uv tweet was made a few months ago...who knows but nothing more happened,  so you are just starting to develop this it seems now? What has MAXON been working on the past five years? Just the core. There are just so many things left behind. And I’m very bitter about the lack of node python and disjointed state of nodes with xpresso and rest of software

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You have to join the dots to see what the future holds:

MAXON buys Redshift

Redshift assist in development of their product utilising the new Apple Metal API

Apple are the dominant force in the design industry (not VFX)

Cinema 4D is the go-to 3d software for designers (not VFX)


So MAXON and Redshift know their product is gonna exist for a long time yet, especially as the performance of these will be a core feature in Apple hardware updates. Allowing small studios, freelancers and hobbyists the opportunity to use these products under license via subscription satisfies a certain demand but they know full well the bulk of their revenue will come from businesses tied to that Mac ecosystem. This is what makes Cinema and Blender actually so different, regardless of their operational similarities. Blender is being touted as a viable alternative to Maya. They don't even want to gain a strong presence in the design industry.


Just my two-cents worth…


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again only bugfixes. and blender got big updates when c4d gives only bugfixes... my wife asks me why i not learning blender. (she cares always about home budget. but i am a c4d fan and i hate interface of blender... and usage logics...) but im really hoping is MAXON can give us r22 with all updates we waiting. uv, xpresso, particles,  cloth and other sims, red giant and redshift without extra money cost and embended in c4d, will be a compositor in plus. or multithreaded whole c4d operations and others.... also my xparticles and cycles4d maintenance is ended previous year. im waiting for r22. if they not update particles i dont know about my xp. also sclupt. also fluid and fire...


i hate blenders interface but if c4d focuses only to mac users and not gives something good for everyone,  i will give up and sell my plugins on 2021 january when ends my 1 year subs. and than switch to blender in 2021. because money is money. life is pushing me to blender as a free way. 


anyway, i am positive about r22 update. rewritten core, research lab and merge with red giant are promising things.

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