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How to hide these damned lights

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I'm working on a scene, everything looks great-- but I'm using two area lights to achieve the lighting. I love their effects, but I do not want to see the lights themselves in my render output--- they're appearing as giant, white rectangles. I want to hide the rectangles, but keep their effects.

I've tried several methods of hiding them from the render:

1. Compositing tags- I've turned off literally every variable. No effect. Hide from camera does not work-- even if this isn't the proper method, I'd like to know WHY this doesn't work? What am I missing?

2. Uncheck "Visible In Render" in the light's "basic" panel. 

3. Turning off the green dot in the object manager-- this disables the light totally.

Nothing fancy going on in my scene. Just an animation using standard render. A rigged model, an HDRI sky and two area lights. 

Secondarily, I was wondering what the "export to compositing" option does. 


Thanks very much in advance.

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That's interesting... normally the light should disappear as soon as you disable the "show in render" setting in the light details tab. Can you attach the scene file so we can have a look at it?



Secondarily, I was wondering what the "export to compositing" option does. 

This is for the *.aec export. It basically tells the exporter to include the light in the exported *.aec file. These files are used to reconstruct the scene in After Effects for compositing or other stuff.

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