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DragRect doesnt work with stamps

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Hi, when i try to dragrect a stamp, i dont see it in the viewport. I see a white dot and as i drag my tablet nothing happens. Any thoughts? I try hours to fix this and still nothing.


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Ca you record a video of a problem? Or report it via Cinema 4D bug report window with the reproducable steps and I will take it from there?!

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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Thanks so much Igor. It doesnt work without the sculpt tag actually and i was just using the brushes in a raw geo. Also without "edge detect" on, stamps disappear. I was following old tuts where "edge detect" didnt exist as button. Thanks a lot for the reply

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Just now, thanulee said:

Yea exactly! Thats how i been using em so far. But without the sculpt tag, dragRect is not working here. So its bug ? Should i report? 

Ill double check tomorrow and let you know, but I think its not a bug. For using stamps you really need a lot of Polys, so I dont see a reason why that should work, but maybe I am wrong, so Ill update you tomorrow!

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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