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Make cloner sim editable

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Hello Cafe,


Hoping to get some help...


The short:

How do I collapse a mograph cached cloner and keep the dynamics / simulation? 


The long:

I have cloner using an emitter as the object with dynamics on the clones. I have everything the way I want it but want to collapse the cloner so I can texture all the clones individually. When I hit C to collapse, the simulation is gone and the particles sit at the state/ frame I hit C. 

I'm trying to use this GSG technique to camera map over the clones which is why I need to collapse the cloner so I can generate the UV's






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Mr. @noseman or Sir. @Hrvoje could know, I am really not that good with MoGraph. Usually a good practice is to share a scene too, usually a fastest way to resolve an issue! 🙂 

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Great idea! Here's a basic setup of what Im trying to do. I want to be able to hit C on the cloner to get the individual clones but not lose the emitter simulation. Hope I'm describing all this ok. Again, I appreciate any help!


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First of all, you don't have C4D 16 studio 🙂

There are technical limitations on why you can't "just" make them editable, and the most important one, is that the objects are being generated while the animation is playing. You can't do that with plain objects. An object can't just be generated while the scene is evaluating.

With the cloner, you're not generating any objects, as the object count in your Object Manager is not changing.

Let me take a look at the GSG video, and I'll see if there's an alternative...


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so, the only viable method I found, if for you to follow this tutorial, and transfer the Dynamics to a hierarchy of objects, after you bake the mograph Cloner to a mograph Cache tag.


After you have successfully transferred the Dynamics to the Objects, hide the Cloner, go to the last frame, apply your material to the Parent Null using a Flat Projection, and when you're happy, from the Tags menu, do a "Copy Tag to children"

This will apply the material at THAT frame, at THAT position for all tiles. When you scrub back, you'll see that the texture is stuck on each tile.

I have used another method to make the activation of the Dynamics similar to the original emitter.

Project link attached:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn6n8ow1cuqrwsl/Tiles 01A.c4d?dl=0

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I really appreciate your guidance! and yes I am not on R16 anymore, I should update that.


I'm going to give this a shot and I will report back! 

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It worked! Thank you so much!! I have exactly what I needed. The only problem I have is the clones didn't disappear when the animation restarted until they were birthed from the emitter but, I wanted the animation to start during the fall anyway so I just cut the for 20 or so frames and i have what I need. (thousands of clones in a null) 


Thanks again, Eric



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