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C4D Cafe Sponsorship | HOW TO EARN FREE LICENCE |


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Hi everyone


I am so happy to announce that from now on at C4D Cafe we will have something called SPONSORSHIP


What it means is that, from now on, whoever wants to be a sponsor of C4D Cafe (members) will be able to be just that. 

In other words, anyone who wants to advertise at C4D Cafe, will have a chance through sponsorship. on top of usual banners. 


What we are going to ask in return, from sponsors, is simply a few licenses of their software, plugin or script or whatever as long it can benefit users. I will try to create a special place just for them so that everyone at any point can see who are those devs, companies etc. We will be transparent! I promise those banners will fit nicely, just bare with us, and they will be artistic, at least we will ask for that too. For anyone willing to participate, feel free to PM me for more info.

The first two developers I approached were very happy with the idea, so we have 5 licenses to share and give away.

And for this first go, I will pick those who were really pillars of this community and they deserve it more than anyone at this point. So Cerbera, Rectro, Bezo will be the first one to get one of the licenses. Saying that doesn't mean others don't help, but this trio is active a lot for a loooong time, so, I am sure you guys will understand. But, 2 more we can share so, you might get licence anyways.
And the first batch of licences comes from and goes to:

3x World Creator - 1x @Cerbera, 1x @Rectro, 1x @bezo

3x Q-TILE PRo SURFACE ENGINE - 1x @bezo, 1x @Beefdoctor, 1x @DasFrodo


The rest of the licenses I will decide whom to share with my C4D Cafe Crew, and for the future shares, we will decide together based on forum activities.


How we will decide with who to share, you might ask? Well, I am here to tell you that everyone will have the same chances if they share their work regularly, share their files, models, textures even knowledge!! So basically, anyone can be eligible for the free license, even total beginners, just sharing their progress regularly will give them chances to win a license. If nothing else, we can always make it random. Hopefully, we will have a few licenses every month and those we will be able to share regularly.

The bottom point is that finally, we can give a bit more in return for those who really come here, share their knowledge, time and resources. We just wanted to show that we are really grateful and hopefully this is one step in a good direction to make your stay more enjoyable. We are doing our best to promote everyone, hopefully, we are succeeding to some extent. More to come in the future! 


And for those curious, if you would like to contribute to C4D Community, you can always do that from HERE



1x World Creator 2 - @Cerbera@Rectro@bezo

1x Q-Tile Pro - @bezo@Beefdoctor@DasFrodo

1x World Creator 2 - @noseman

1x World Creator 2 - @GazzaMataz

1x Q-Tile Pro or GeoTexture - @GazzaMataz

1x World Creator 2 - @Willma

1X Q-Tile Pro or GeoTexture - @everfresh


U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | C4D Cafe Contributions

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Congrats to Igor for doing the heavy lifting on this one 🙂


I will also call all plugin and standalone products vendors, being companies or individuals, render farms or creators of products connected to C4D and it's eco-system which are willing to participate to contact us via mail or pm system

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Just came from work and what I see! So AMAZING news...

Thanks so much to you Igor ( and  to C4DCafe crew too), simply don´t know what to say. I had a pretty tough day today, but this made me really happy.


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We are dedicated Cinema 4D Community of friendly and passionate artists, hobbyists and developers. Feel free to join us to share your knowledge, your art and anything that might help Community to grow. We are providing guidance, free plugins and files, feedback, sponsorships and various discounts for our Contributors and much more. :cowboypistol:

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