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Random Texture Offset in Cloner Mode

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Hi all,


this questions was asked a lot of times in different forums and there are a lot of unclear answers and not-clear-enough questions. So please write only an answer, if you have a short & clear solution for this topic .... to have finally an 100% clear answer to that "cloneer-texture-offset" theme.


1. general information 

- project is a theater with a lot of seats, red fabric, all together there are 8 seat-rows -> 8 cloner objects

- the seat itself is one single object  -> dropped into a cloner to generate seat rows -> then "Multi Instace" turned on (to save RAM)


2. problem

- the goal is to create a realistic look while not converting the 8 cloner's into hundret's of single seat objects

- realistic look means: = always a different position of the material, there are no shematic repetitions & no "copies" in nature

- usually I would use "x+(rnd=100)" in the texture offset slot in the material tag, but in this cloner mode this is not working and every teture has the same position

-> so, every clone's instance of the red seat of the theater has the exact same position of the red fabric material, that is totally non-realistic & needs to change 


3. question

Please give me "an easy to understand" solution, how I can get a texture offset / texture random offset in a multi instance cloner object. No color changes, no bump changes, no animation - it is ONLY about the position of the texture on the seats's instances

- how I said: I know how to make a random offset in a normal objet group - with "x+(rnd=100)"

-> So again: Please can I have ONLY a solution for exactly the asked topic which is:


(Random) different offset position of a red fabric material in a clone group.


If this is not possible in Cinema 4D, please write it directly, too.


Thank you 🙂



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You are asking a question without providing actual scene file or an example file, plus setting preconditions which could exclude effective solutions.

I would propose you use multishader with layers or projector shader where you can offset the texture as you see fit. Check attached zip file

If you want other solutions you please upload a scene file with assets...




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  • Thanks for repliing!

    So I need to make a dozen of multi shaders? Isn't there a more random & easy solution?

    Attached you see an example file. As you see, now the texture looks identical on every seat. I want to have on a different position on every seat in the cloner groups (-> without converting the cloners into single objects. If I convert them then I would use "x+rnd(100)" )


    Here is the file (size a bit too big to attach...):




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    You don't need dozen multi shaders nor that many cloners in your scene. You can clone a cloner too 🙂

    Here is a simple example with cloned cloner and single multishader with just 4 variations of same shader. You can simply drag and drop shaders in multishader and create more variations via projector. Hope this helps 🙂



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