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Viewport Issue - Can't move main camera

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Hello C4D Cafe community,


Yesterday I was working on a small scene in c4d when i accidentally tilted my camera horizontally. This has happened to me before and I had ignored it those times but now I found it really annoying and decided to look for a fix online.

I came across this video which kind of helped for me. I did manage to tilt my camera back to normal but then when I tried exiting out of the camera mode it just wouldn't do it. And now I have this really weird bug. Not only in the project where i adjusted the mode, my viewport is bugged out, but also when I close and reopen c4d and create a new file, I still have it. Is this a known bug, am I overlooking something??


I have made a video to explain what is happening, this is in a freshly made scene with only a cube in it so you guys can see what happens.


I hope you guys can help me out!!


P.S. This is my first time posting something here so tell me if i'm posting in the wrong sub-forum or if there is something else that could be improved!

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WHat you need to do in this case when your camera tilts to a side is simply press and hold ALT+SHIFT+LMB and you are back to old camera position. :cowboypistol:

For your vide and a problem, it woud be best to delete preference folder and restart C4D. Be aware, when you do that any custom shortcuts, layouts will be gone. So make sure you save everything that you need somewhere else and you will be fine. Hope that helps! 🙂 

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  • Heeeeeey, It worked!!!!

    Thanks a lot!! Now i can go back again to working on my project!!!!

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