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R22 Minimum Requirements for Team Render Client?

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It's pretty clear from the article published on MAXON's website that R22 will only work with CPUs that support the AVX instruction set. But will the Team Render Client have the same minimum requirements, or will I still be able to use my 3 classic Mac Pros 5.1 with upgraded Westmere processors as a small render farm?



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that's too bad.  I have two dual x5690 nehalem machines that are still pretty capable machines.  One is still my main GPU rendering machine and I can't use Q-Tile Pro which I bought for Redshift/Octane use and I can't use the HDR Lightstudio R21 plugin.  This AVX requirement is really starting to hurt now, but I guess it's to be expected and I'll be able to save up enough money for a new PC one of these days.

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On 2/27/2020 at 10:58 PM, srek said:

Sorry, but the restriction applies to all of Cinema 4D, that includes the TR clients.

Ouch! Well, I'll keep R21 installed in my main machine for render intensive jobs so I can keep using my mini-render farm. Thanks for the reply.

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