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Martin Schiller

teamrender not connecting

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Hi guys/girls,


I am trying to set up a teamrender with my laptop connected to my desktop.

All machines have network setting ready for sharing/discovering files on a shared public network.

I work at home in a small building so  not much happening in terms of security here.


The machine are connected by an ethernet cable and are recent machines (Asus A370 prime MB and Asus Rog strix scar II laptop) with Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller type. I have a common sharepoint called "WORKGROUP" like it is suggested by windows (xp pro).


The C4d versions are both 20.59 with same redshift plugings in V 3.012


The desktop sees the laptop but not the other way around (looking at menu / teamrender machines). the laptop is shown greyed in the machines list.


My network connections allows Ipv4 and Ipv6.


anything else I have missed out?


is there a topic here where those discussions already took place and I could search?


Thank you!



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Are all your machines on the same OS? Is it Windows XP? It looks like there's some Windows setting enabled on the desktop but not the laptop. 

I've only set this up on Windows 10 pro over wifi and followed this guy's steps 



Sorry if it's not much help with it being different OS but there might be something he covers that is similar to your setup

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Can you ping each machine from each other? Cinema 4D TR does not care about Windows network groups of access rights. It just needs a working IP connection.

Preferably use IP V4.

If you have any firewalls installed make sure they allow for ports 5400 (Server) and 5401 (Clients).

If you use XP please think about upgrading to Win 10 since XP and Win 8 are not supported anymore.

Edit: You wrote that the machines are connected via an ethernet cable. Is there a router, DNS, DHCP server in that network segement? Did you assign IPs yourself? A simple wire between two network adaptors can be used, but you need to assign IPs by hand on each machine. Make sure you do not use the same range other network connections use.

A possible example would be for the server and for the client. You can pick from these ranges https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network

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  • thank you al, I'll investigate, apparently the IP 4/6 lines are not active. OS is XP 10 both sides, there are no other devices inbetween on the cable

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  • all is set, turned out firewalls and internet connexion to avoid conflicts. Render is super slow. 14min. vs 5:20 min on a single unit for a 2K still.

    any clues? RS plugin version is 3.0.15 actually which should team render.


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