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Redshift - Dark patches appearing


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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone had seen this happen before, I seem to be getting some dark splotches appearing in the shadows of my renders (I've circled in red). I've tried raising the below settings higher (doubling them) to see if that helps but it didnt...

Unified samples:
Error threshold 0.002

Sample overides:
Reflection = 512
Light 256

Brute force (primary & secondary) , bounces 2x, Rays 512

Its weird it only happens in the really dark shadows. The materials arent anything out of the ordinary either, just diffuse colours with reflection and a dome light. Unfortunately I cant share the scene file so have attached an example of whats happening.



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Can just see it in your pics the image isn't very big however the chances are its either light, reflection or refraction.

Your best to use Sampling over rides but do it with AOV passes added for reflection, refraction, GI, lighting, add all passes that are in use in your scene but these are the main ones.  Do a render and look at each AOV pass, see which pass has the issues in. Lets say it was GI, then your know where to look for sampling overrides.  If you can send the scene or part of the scene along with the dependant textures I can have a deeper look.  Id need to know what version of Redshift your using too.



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Hi Dan,
Sorry I didnt mention I'm rendering via render farm and for some reason when I render locally it seems to look fine to me (but then I'm only rendering locally one or two frames here and there to ensure eveything is fine). I just did a quick AOV test and the noisiest pass was "Specular lighting", not to the degree of the splotches from the render farm but maybe its that, if so which over ride do you think I need to push up to refine Specular lighting?

I cant share the file unfortunately as the clients product isnt public yet but I've striped it right down to basic cubes using the materials from my file, plus you can see my settings for Redshift. I'm using RS 2.6.53 in C4D R20. I havent tried upping refraction so maybe thats it also?


Test file.c4d

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Lighting is normally the one that has the most issues so try overriding it 256, 512, 1024, 2048 e.c.t/  I normally jump right up from 4096 to save time.  If it rendering fine on your own local machine then it sounds like a rendering farm issue just going by logic here as I dont use a farm.  Failing that its worth popping over to Redshift forum where there are more experts on Redshift.

It may also be of use to look at this thread.



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