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Field Force and TP align

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Hi.  I don't understand how to align TP(or matrix) properly.

I create simple scene with volume(vector) and plain.

Then i put plain in the volume(vector) and create field force.

Then in the force, throw volume like volume object and create TP from matrix.

After this cloned Piramids on the matrix. (Every polygon of the piramid colored)

Particles attracted in the center of spherical field.



But problem in Piramids axis. They don't want to be line-up properly with polygon normals as you can see on the screen.

Think, becouse vectors in the volume not a 2d (another word: " not in the UV coordinate system") or particles must be generate not all, but step by step, OR particles are not aligned on the surface at all.

You can see, some Piramids still blue and all not align into the normal of polyfon.

But i dont understand how to do this.

It's create soo many posibilities when this issue is resolved.

Please, help.





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Please attach a scene file and state exactly you want to achieve...

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  • Sorry.

    If any question, im here.!

    Forse Test 8.c4d

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    Please simplify your scene to bare minimum or state exactly what you want to achieve. Do you want to align clones according to surface normal...?

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  • I want exectly what you see on the screen, but with +Z(or -Z), or  +X(or-X) axis align to the surface.  


    Test 9.c4d

    Test Scene.c4d

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