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Frustrated As All Get Out!!

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Over the hours I tried all sort of things, they all ended with a fix one way or other but that was the most simple.  Thing to remember if you do rigging yourself is to make sure all meshes that should be in centre of world space are in position and freeze transforms.  This is so essential before binding.  When things get messy is when a pose morph or many as in this case is set on a mesh that either needed more modeling or in the wrong position.  If the pose morph has just point data then thats not so bad.  Also think ahead as to if the pose morph needs to be Post defromers, this again can mess things up if you then add a rig that conflicts with the pose morph.  Order of operation is so essential and can get very confusing if its not kept in check.


In this files case I saw rotations were made to the root joint, and root null, this puts the mesh in that position as you found.  trying to fix this needed to be done from them roots as forcing a new bind pose complicated things more as you also have to rotate all the other meshes but when it comes to pose morphs its not so cut and dry.  This is why I moved everything out the parents null or joint, then out it back with a new bind pose set.  The shift and set bind pose can fix things in most cases when there is no Pose morph, it did with this file until you turn it back on.



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