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David Davis

Multiple Monitors Lag

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Thanks in advance to any suggestions here. I'm running C4D R20 across three Dell Ultra LED monitors at 2550x1450 (all same model) with the latest Nvidia drivers on Windows 10 Pro with latest updates. This is stable system everything works fine. I began noticing on larger scene files C4D is laggy with the interface. Navigating, such as zoom, scroll pan, was lagging with around a 1 second delay between being able to switch from zoom, to pan. The same interface lag with turning objects on or off or selecting objects in the object panel, a split second lag between being able to click items or buttons. I spent several head banging days troubleshooting and talking with my other team members who have C4D. 

Then I stumbled across the idea to set the C4D layout back to standard. This puts all the menus and panels back to the center monitor, to one monitor and the lag disappeared. Problem solved.

Has anyone else with multiple monitors experienced this lag? I tried looking on forums for others with this multiple monitor lag issue. I would like to use C4D across multiple monitors and I would be surprised if C4D was not capable of running across multiple monitors smoothly. 


Windows 10 Pro
HP Z820 dual Xeon V2 2667 - 16 cores 4.0Ghz
256 GB DDR3 memory
3X 1080Ti GPU

SSD start up drive
SSD Cache drive
several storage HD at 7200 RPM
3X Dell UltraSharp 2K monitor


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You could try getting NVidia Inspector. There is a setting that you can access there called "Multi-Monitor Performance Mode". Try enabling that. For some reason NVidia removed this setting in their newer drivers.

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  • Thanks for this tip, I did not know about this. 

    I might have solved the issue. I suspected perhaps one of the panels, maybe a view port or the like, was causing the lag. In my three-monitor custom C4D layout, I closed one panel at a time clicking buttons and testing the navigation between each closure, to see if closing a panel sped things up. Much to my surprise this troubleshooting worked! When I closed (the undocked) Redshift Asset Manager panel, everything went back to fluid, normal speed. I closed the file and repeated the test, each time having RS asset manager open made the interaction of C4D lag, and closing the panel put speed back to normal. Not sure if this is simply an issue on my machine alone, but certainly worth noting and posting for future troubleshooting reference here. 

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