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I'm selling a complete scene on a marketplace

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Hi there,


I'm trying to sell a complete scene of a bedroom side visualization made in Cinema 4d (R16 Prime) and Advanced Render. You can check it here: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/interior/bedroom/bedroom-side-visualization-for-cinema-4d-and-ar-interior


I ain't quite sure if the price is right for this content, so it would be really nice to see what you guys think about it. I also planning on adding some more visualization in the near future, but I don't really know if anyone is intrested in buying this kind of things. 🤔


Let me know your thoughts, please!




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No I'm not sure either ! So much of this question is subjective and answers may vary quite a lot from person to person...


It seems like a relatively well built scene, and is nice and competitively priced in that $20 isn't a lot for people to find if they need some assets in a hurry...

But, comparing your scene to all the other scenes in the same category a few differences do become apparent. Typically there you tend to find scenes filled with objects that are traditionally very hard for newbies to make - things like realistically folded and creased soft furnishings, etc. Your scene doesn't really have anything that couldn't be done rather quickly or easily by anyone who has a fairly basic knowledge of Cinema, which might limit how many people are tempted by it. Also, your rendered results are (forgive me) a little unimpressive compared to pretty much anything else in that category, where the example renders given are almost exclusively rather more so. But your scene is cheaper than some of those, so maybe that balances things...


Other than those initial thoughts I'd say just leave it there at that price for 6 months and see if anyone buys it !


Hope that helps - it was certainly meant in the spirit of helpfulness rather than criticism... and of course this is only one person's opinion, which may be right or wrong, or any combination of both ! 🙂





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  • Thanks for the feedback! It let me look at the scene again with a little cooler glance. I decided to crop the price a bit and I'll see what is going to happen 🙂


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