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R21 lagging and slow view switching on Mac

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I recently upgraded to R21 and immediately noticed severe lagging on these three occurences:

1. Viewport switching. This issue was also in R19. The solution: cmd+i on the application icon, check "Open in low resolution". Now view switching is snappy, but the whole interface looks blurry (low res). Is there any way to fix this?!

2. Playback is laggy. Even with a simple animation (unshaded) the playback freezes every 30 frames or so, and continues. Freezes again after 30 or so frames, continues. Advanced OpenGL is off. Even using constant shading this happens.

3. Wacom tablet cursor is choppy. Just moving slowly left to right over the top bar icons, the cursor stutters. Like the frame rate dropped to to 3fps or something. This does not happen when moving the mouse, only the wacom pen.


Are these bugs, or is my system just too old?

Specs: R21.207. Osx 10.12.6. 2x3,33ghz 6-core (2012 Macpro cpu). 48gb ram. GTX 1080Ti.


Cheers/ Urt

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Ill see with the team, is this known issue. But seeing how old your machine is, ughh...that might be the cause of the issue. 

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  • Thank you Igor.


    It would be great to hear if this can be fixed by say, updating to Macos 10.14. Or if I should give up on my machine and newer versions of C4D.

    As it stands though, I would say R21 is unusable with my current setup.


    Cheers/ Urt

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