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Rasmus Broe

Make disc grow from side to side?

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Hi there
is there any way to make a disc (or cylinder or so) grow from one side to the other (as in my attached photos?)
on the photos I have just cut it to illustrate what I am looking for.
Can anyone help me with a smoother way that can be animated?

Skærmbillede 2020-03-05 kl. 11.37.00.png

Skærmbillede 2020-03-05 kl. 11.36.04.png

Skærmbillede 2020-03-05 kl. 11.37.22.png

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You just gotta animate a gradient in the Alpha channel of the material. See attachment.

This only works really well with anything flat though. As soon as you get any thickness the effect falls apart (if showing that the object is hollow is a problem).





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You could use something as simple as boole, and that would also potentially work on solid objects like a cylinder.

Boolean operation have their limitations, and your choice to use one would depend heavily on what you were doing with the model next, but that is the fastest way to get something to grow on in the way you describe. If you need this to be animate however that boole may cause you problems, and if it does you can do a very similar thing via the Volume builder, which allows a similar subtraction process, but without the disgraceful topology at the cost of more polygons.



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or you could use an animated Arc spline under a Spline Mask with Create Cap activated...

animated Arc.c4d

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Thanks a lot to all of you.
The animated arc spline seemed to be the easiest one to control via expresso (for me that is) 🙂
Thanks a lot!!

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