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How can I make this same lighting and Shadow effect in C4D

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Hi, I am Sabbir Ahmed from Bangladesh and I mostly work with graphics and motion graphics and I am  kind of new in c4d and recently with a project I have been facing some chanllanges like, I have made a lego brick wall and a lego wall break down animation and all I have managed to do it with youtube tutorials but the problem is I am not getting the shadow and lighting that I want it to be (attached some images). When I set a ligh and a floor I got the shadow on the whole wall but individual lego knobs dosn't have the lighting and shadow effect (like the legos.jpg image). So here I have uploaded my c4D project file and a image of what the result I want. Can anyone please helop me out with this issue, I have been stck here for last 2 weeks. I have attached 3 files: 1) Lego wall.png that I have made. 2) My C4D project file (Lego.c4d      . 3) And a image of what I want (legos.jpg). Thanks you all.



Lego Wall.png



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Your Light.1 had no shadows enabled at all, and the second light named  "light" had Shadows Mapped Soft.  If you turn them both to Area that will give you much better shadows.  (See Image below)  Next thing is the type of light.  You have chosen Omni light which gives out light in no particular direction but puts out the photons in all directions.  If you want shadows to be more dense use a Area light.


Finally for the most realistic light change the fall off from the Details tab of the light properties to Inverse Square.  (See bottom image)  With the Area light the smaller the light the harder the shadows, and larger lights give softer shadows.



lego shadows.jpg

Light lego.jpg

omni vs area.jpg

inverse square.jpg

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  • Thanks you so much, It was really helpful.

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