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Beveling problem. Can't solid chamfer.

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So  I'm following along Toby Pitman's great MILG1 tutorials on modeling.

And just when i tought i had it figured out.. i cant solid bevel edges anymore. 

The solid bevel of the edges works fine until i do the second extrusion. After that it blocks,

and if i do a chamfer bevel the normals mess up and everything goes its separate side.

Now, this method works in the tutorials, and it worked for me, until this specific mesh.

Is it a problem with the inner extrude and something I'm doing, or with the second extrusion?

I dont know, but I've been trying to figure this out for two long days and i just can't.

So please help.




Here are the snapshots of the model.

And im also attaching the project file.





problem CANT BEVEL.c4d

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You can not bevel because your geometry is wrong. When you delete all bottom polygons, you could see where is your mistake. For extrusion you used "caps" option what create cap at start of extrusion instead of dragging them out...

Remove these inside polygons and try to bevel again.



And another issue is aligning normals. Since it could not influence in some cases, keep always aligned normals of your models/objects...

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