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scissor folding stairs - rigging

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I'm a complete noob and a tool for that matter, when it comes to rigging in C4D. It's just not my thing really. But now I have to animate this scissor folding stairs, and for the life of me, I can't grasp it. Watching numerous tutorials didn't get me far. Could please someone help!? Probably the best way would be to point me in directions of a tutorial that fits my needs, because I have  a lot to catch up with.


This is the animation that I need:

(Only the stair part)



I'm attaching the R21  project file with what I got stuck at.


Please help!





scissor folding chair.c4d

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You can make these scissor jack type objects using cloners, but you need to do some math to drive the cloner X + Y steps. In this scene I vary the angle of the arms and the cloner X is a function of cos(angle) and the Y a function of sin(angle).




there's an open - closer slider control



(angles in XPresso are in radians)

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