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Rounded rectangle (door) creation

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I'm trying to create this example (for practice): https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/309692911879762880/


But I have no clue on how to make that door shape. Perhaps this is very basic stuff and anyone could point me to a tutorial covering this kind of stuff (I can't find it). Perhaps because i'm not familiar with the overarching 'technique'.


So far i tried this: create a square shape, and apply a bevel on 2 corners. This will create a door shape. However: I can't apply a bevel to the entire edge of the door anymore.


I've added a screenshot of what I got so far. 






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No, nothing challenging about this if we start with the right shape, which is a disc rather than a cube, and make the sure the topology on the top surface is suitable for bevelling...




However, if you are trying to make the doorways in your reference this isn't the way to go either, but it would start largely the same.


1 Start with a 64 segment disc, with a suitable inner radius, make editable and delete bottom half...



Next control drag out the lower 2 edges like so...




Now let's start the front fascia, by selecting these edges, ctrl-dragging them up, and zero scaling on Y...




Then we need to do the same with the side edges to get straight borders there too..




Now let's extrude the inner arch backwards to get some depth...




...and that gives us a perfect tileable section we can clone. Do that (linear mode) to get as many doorways as you need...




Next we can put that cloner in a group null with a bevel deformer to get our nice edges...

and we can add 2 simple planes as the back wall and the floor.







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Thats pretty awesome! Thanks for the extended reply. I will try this out later today and let you know the rest.


About that bevel deformer and it's location in the element structure: some effects needs to be placed inside an element as a child, other above as a parent, and this one on the same level in a group/null. How does that work, why the difference?



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1 hour ago, MarkVog said:

How does that work, why the difference?

Deformers work either as children of the object they are deforming, or in group nulls with the object(s) they contain., where they can then affect everything in the group. We need that deformer outside the cloner for it to work properly, so the group option applies here.



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I don't completely get this part: "

Now let's start the front fascia, by selecting these edges, ctrl-dragging them up, and zero scaling on Y...


how do you select exactly those edges? Is that zooming and and click by click select those edges? By dragging it also selects the button edges of the arch. Which we dont want right?


When I ctrl drag up I end up with an arche, in your screenshot it's a straight line. How you do that?

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There are many ways of selecting those edges. I find the easiest is path selection.

When you drag the edges you need to hold ctrl, and drag the edges up via the Y axis gizmo handle.

Yes it will be arch when you first drag up, that's why I told you to zero-scale it next, which is what makes it flat !

Do that using the Scale tool, and holding shift as you scale (again via the Y-axis) so that you constrain it to even increments and can locate 0 easily.


This is all really basic stuff - you should watch some starter GUI and modelling tutorials on Youtube where all this covered...






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