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What kind of music you listen, while you work? Lets share!

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Peripherys guitar sound is simply amazing, as is their music even if it doesn't fit my taste 100%. I've hear the track I linked about 100 times already, it's SO good. Can't really say I enjoy Lit

I exist in the darker/brutal realms of Metal from old to new, with hints of Synth/Electronic and Industrial. Here's my Bandcamp collection, which is mostly newer stuff: https://bandcamp.com/dreamingti

I mean that's not bad, but it would be even better if it wasn't the same couple of cords for seven minutes straight 😂 What always get's me pumped is this:   Sit in your car an

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I am now in a Vivaldi phase discovering that is much much more than 4 seasons




to this


and many others:



and many more

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16 hours ago, Igor said:

Oh classicals, wonderfull. Some nice shares guys, awesome...thanks! :cowboypistol: 

From my favorites music site: "Extreme Music" - a rather robust collection of classical composers (note the "Load More" button at the bottom of the screen shot below).   There are a total of 95 different classical albums grouped by composer each capable of streaming their contents to you WITHOUT ADS.  Two albums on Verdi alone.


See for yourself here: https://www.extrememusic.com/labels/ultimate-classix


Classical music is just one "label".  There are a total of 39 labels at Extreme Music.com (see them all here).  Some of the newer labels have only 1 or 2 albums and the older ones (like "X-series" which is mostly rock) have over 500 albums.  My favorites are "Spacetones" (9 albums), "Earthtones (12 albums", "Director Cuts" (214 albums), and  "Two Steps from Hell" (74 albums).  Trust me, there is something for everyone.





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Make sure you listen to Salsa music from the 60's - 80s. It will re-energize your body , mind and remove most of your worries, fear and stress. 

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1 hour ago, jaimem said:

Make sure you listen to Salsa music from the 60's - 80s. It will re-energize your body , mind and remove most of your worries, fear and stress. 

SHare some good stuff, cmon! 🙂 

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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Oh wow, I wasn't aware of that!

So you can't even see the content of the playlist?


If so:

It's mostly calm soundtracks, like "Dr. Ford" of Westworld or "In the House - In a hearbeat" of 28 Days Later.

I recently discovered French 79, a french DJ making very nice electro pop, he's also in the playlist.


I also like pretty brutal metal straight in the face (Thrash, Death, Hardcore etc.), but it depends on my mood.

The above mentioned playlist works almost all the time 🙂

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like most, it depends on what I am doing. if serious 3D concentration then it is jazz, classical or Indian Raga (Ravi Shankar), if just plinking around then alternative rock. 

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