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What kind of music you listen, while you work? Lets share!

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Peripherys guitar sound is simply amazing, as is their music even if it doesn't fit my taste 100%. I've hear the track I linked about 100 times already, it's SO good. Can't really say I enjoy Lit

I exist in the darker/brutal realms of Metal from old to new, with hints of Synth/Electronic and Industrial. Here's my Bandcamp collection, which is mostly newer stuff: https://bandcamp.com/dreamingti

I mean that's not bad, but it would be even better if it wasn't the same couple of cords for seven minutes straight 😂 What always get's me pumped is this:   Sit in your car an

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I discovered Max Richter via Accuradio a few years ago. Often I will just put up a preferred channel at Accuradio to 'discover' new artists and music. Otherwise I'd be listening to the same music for the rest of my life 😉

(we got rid of our telly many years ago)

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Falklands 1982..In honour of the boy who's room I now sleep in Electronics Warfare Officer Brian Still. Died fighting fascists so others could come home to their loved ones and the Falkanders could live in freedom. His energy bounces off the walls. My Jolly Jack Tar..I SALUTE YOU


No matter where I roam

I will come back to my English rose

For no bonds can ever tempt me from she

I've sailed the seven seas,

Flown the whole blue sky.

But I've returned with haste to where my

Love does lie.

No matter where I go I will come back to my English Rose

For nothing can ever tempt me from she.

I've searched the secret mists -

I've climbed the highest peaks

Caught the wild wind home to hear her soft voice speak

To hear her soft voice speak

No matter where I roam

I will return to my English Rose

For no bonds can ever keep me from she.


I've been to ancient worlds

I've scoured the whole universe

And caught the first train home

To be at her side.

No matter where I roam

I will return to my English Rose

For no bonds can ever keep me from she




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For The Fallen....The song was inspired by a news story that broke during the Falklands war which stated the "good" news that due to losses at sea the Shipyards would be building replacement ships and thus give work to many.


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For The Fallen. Goose Green was the site of a classic battle fought in The Falklands mainly by 2 Para - The 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Outnumbered they gained a victory which helped to exorcise the ghost of Bloody Sunday..I am sure that event needs no explanation..try the U2 Song.

The line " Didn't someone here just whisper Rejoice.." alludes to Thatcher's comments on the steps of no 10.

I was talking to a lad in his late 20's..a manager at Tesco and he did not have a clue about the Falklands.."Some war in the 80's ?". I will admit..I shed a tear..and he could not understand why.



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Aaron The lead singer is a good friend of mine and wants me to do an animation for a song he has written, not this one. I have most of the project files with the character ready rigged if we could get a team together who wants to play with the scene files let me know Admins and i can start a thread on it somewhere. It would be a great learning exercise for us all, give the Cafe and the Team members some good experience and exposure. He will be entering the song in an international festival thingy. Anyway just Listen to Aaron blow Led Zeppelin out of the sky and then hear the definition of "A Bridge" Igor, Cerbera ..Let's talk This could be done under a general C4D Cafe Flag..great exposure for all of us


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Kamil the bass player is Yakuza err..lets make that an acquaintance of Yakuza  shall we ?..another "contact" I have..handy fire power to be able to call upon..and you want to see the rest !! I have been blessed with a wondrous path and I am still only at the beginning.


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Here he is lifting with his trainer my good friend Alan Collins (kneeling bottom left at the opening shot) Alan was the last man to get sentenced for Piracy in the UK. He runs a gym and is still a world weight lifting record holder. He is the nephew of The Big Fellow Michael Collins of the Irish Revolution. Alan is one of the loveliest men you would want to meet..until you cross him.


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