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What kind of music you listen, while you work? Lets share!

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I am I the only one here that lives and breathes music..playing non stop in this house. Come on guys and girls..knock me off the Jukebox lets hear your sounds !!


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Peripherys guitar sound is simply amazing, as is their music even if it doesn't fit my taste 100%. I've hear the track I linked about 100 times already, it's SO good. Can't really say I enjoy Lit

I exist in the darker/brutal realms of Metal from old to new, with hints of Synth/Electronic and Industrial. Here's my Bandcamp collection, which is mostly newer stuff: https://bandcamp.com/dreamingti

I mean that's not bad, but it would be even better if it wasn't the same couple of cords for seven minutes straight 😂 What always get's me pumped is this:   Sit in your car an

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I was born in the docklands to a gypsy mother and I worked the fairgrounds as a kid. My family are Lees, showmen and women ( I think that..shows !!) Many in the past had been bare knuckle boxers ( Cannon Ball Lee the Kray's grandad was my great grandfathers cousin) When I was a knipper I told grandad that the boys at school were calling me names and he showed me how to make a fist and I then promptly gave him a black eye. He wore it down the pub like a trophy. I was 5. When I was 7 some of the family were going to get me signed up to learn to box at the Thomas Becket pub in SE London, perhaps the most famous boxing school in England. My aunt Lou and my mum flew at them:

" Gertcha !! Our Paully is not going in no ring !! Gertcha Cowsons Gertcha !!"

When cockney gypsy women get their hackles up grown men cower.



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For me..one of the best Music videos ever made. I am the last of my line to have worked the Fairgrounds. My sister state changed 33 years ago and I still see her dancing in front of me. Mum and Dad both gone... Never alone when I hear or watch this. My mum lived in a vardo ( Caravan) and frolicked in haystacks with her sister as a kid.

Sorry..but I just so love this. And of course...Stevie..oh Stevie. COME ON SOMEONE..KNOCK ME OFF THE JUKEBOX !!

To the gypsy
That remains
Her face says freedom
With a little fear
I have no fear
I have only love
And if I was a child
And the child was enough
Enough for me to love
Enough to love



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Enough work for today..making smoke, getting into the minutiae of the swirls and curls is fun but one has to get back to reality. Splendid evening. A young lad has just been around and it is his birthday. He brought me a present and we proceeded to get Irie.

I have a personal outlook on my sojourn in this existence and that is my only obligation is to experience. As long as I neither harm nor hinder others, I am wiling to come to the support of a just request, don't get caught and get out alive..anything goes. I have many "jobs" and my last one was perhaps the most profound. I was a greengrocer. In my local town for 40 years.I knew the scene. I was a social alcoholic. I would go on benders if my money sang. I took the job and decided on day one to give up drinking after 45 years..well in fact all my life. We had a pub at school ...It's an English thing. A greengrocer..in my home town. I sing all day..I was on a stage and we had a party for a few years. I got as fit as a butchers dog and I had a licence to flirt..with anyone. The team of lads I worked with were in there 20's and I got a doorway into "their generation". They often pop round and tell me their stories. their loves and their woes. I never consider any of their actions as mistakes. I offer them a few tips from someone who has danced their tune. They respect me for that. I had such a rich and wonderful time with them at work.  And this lad is a lovely lad..likes a punch up ..but well..He likes this old git sounds. I gave him this tonight..he gave me a camberwell carrot. .. I give you Black Uhuru. True Roots ..a band I used to check out  in London when I was this lad's age..he said it was "Calm". Jah Rasfari I and I



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I never got to see Bonzo. I was going to Knebworth but got seduced and laid at a party in 1979 and and made my own hippy fest.  The gig got bad reviews saying they were "sluggish and rusty ". I was 18 with a bullet, I saw the 70's out as I saw the 80's in. I finally found one of the few that truly understands Zep... Form and Motion is nothing with Tempo. I give you Bonzo..Time Lord.



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My uncle who is 76 just gave Corona 19 a bloody nose and told it to jog on. He is , as I espouse to be, a Sant Sipahi..a Saint Soldier. This is the original Jaikara the battle song of The Khalsa.. basically translating as " Come and have a go if you think your hard enough". As Sant Sipahi we are commanded to be armed 24 x 7 men, women and children. We must only use our weaponry in defence of the weak, the poor and the oppressed. It can never be used as a first resort.."When all other means have failed it is but righteous to draw the sword." To many British soldiers out gunned and low on ammunition to hear this song coming out of the dawn gave them hope..NO SURRENDER NO RETREAT .

Rock and Roll for R and R..The Jaikara when they try and pull my speakers


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For Beltane.... MayDay..The Union of The Goddess and The Green Man. True Love should be unconditional..requiring nothing in return.

My mum taught me this....Never abandon those you love else it is not love it is Moh- Attachement. No matter what they do to you, how they mistreat you never abandon them. Be there when they call for you. The greatest fear is the fear that there is no one to turn to.


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Working on an explosion sim since 9 .00 am ( now 15.50) and I am in need of some chill so will risk crashing the sim by playing some sounds !!

I used to drink in a wonderful bar called the Cole Pitz in Kilburn North London. It had been an undertakers and was then turned into the definition of a Bohemian pub. It was renamed Power's Bar .Like many in the 90's we would openly skin up and chill to blues, R and B and the like. One day a bloke pulled up outside with a Buick and it was a dream of a car. I demanded that he accepted a drink since seeing his wheels was giving me so much pleasure. He accepted with a laugh..Irish man..lovely bloke but he declined my spliff I offered. Well we had a good session which he was adamant he would pay for and he left. I went to buy my next pint and pay and the barman said " Your drinks are on the house tonight Paul" " Oh.. why ?"  " That was the governor he likes you...you were toking right in front of him and he thought that was cool"

This man was a big player Vince Power, check him out on Wiki, ..he also owned the Mean Fiddler a famous  music venue and was the funds behind many big festivals but he was just a neat Paddy with a cool car when I was drinking with him. 


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