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Confetti using particles

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I'm trying to make a confetti type effect with standard particles but not having much luck and was wondering if anyone may be able to help.

I've made a standard emitter, put an object as a child and assigned a dynamics tag so that it applies some gravity to the emitter and object.

It shoots confetti upwards really fast which is what I want, but I'm having trouble getting it to really slowly float down to the floor again with some randomness.

Under the dynamics tag I've tried reducing the mass of the object, playing with drag, adding a friction force but can't get the effect I'm looking for.

Any ideas how to go about achieving this?




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Yes, if your confetti geo is just a flat single surface with no thickness you can use 2-sided aerodynamics, and particle forces to control the movement... to suck energy out of particles the Friction force may be most helpful.

You can also reduce gravity in the dynamics master settings.



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