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Feedback on renderings for a newbie

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I introduced myself a week ago or so (maybe 10 days)
I have been a 2D Designer for almost 15 years now jumping into 3D.
These are my first renderings after a week, pretty much, on cinema 4D...

Could you please give me some feedback?
Maybe you see mistakes, weird things, that as a not 3D person I don't see. (or any suggestions, tips feedback welcome, thanks so much in advance)
I haven't focused on modelling whatsoever, more on setting up lights and the scene.
Please let me know, link here >> https://cl.ly/01ed12d4db0d


Thanks a lot in advance!

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I'd say overall thats looking pretty good already, espacially for such a short time.

What is missing for me is the "bam" factor renderings with such style can have. Right now you have a pretty even look to it, a lot of gray. Don't be scared to go to more extremes with your lights, especially if you colored your light already. Make them brighter so the specular reflections pop more and don't forget that you can always get the last 10% out of your renderings in Photoshop with some color correction.

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  • Thank you very much for your Suggestions @DasFrodo 🙂

    You're absolutely right! 

    One of the thing I find pretty difficult at the moment is render settings. Do you have any suggestions on that?

    I have used the native physical render in C4D and then a few days ago a friend suggested to me to try Arnold.

    The things is, I think for now it's too much to take, as I am not even used to the native C4D rendering yet, so using Arnold opens up a whole other world.

    Also from what I can see, Arnold has new ways to treat lights and materials, which presents another challenge.

    If you know any youtube tutorials I can have a look. I have already looked at some, but it's tricky to find good quality ones.

    Thank you!


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    Just checking you have seen this one, which is one of the good ones...



    He also has a module on GI which is equally excellent.




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  • @Cerbera Awesome thank you!

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