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Can I do a partial retopology and connect it with base mesh

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Coming to the experts because I can’t seem to find a video or tutorial that connects the dots (or I’m just super dense) on this point. And I’ve looked at a ton. 

I’ve got a model that had a super dodgy extruded logo creating some nasty mesh in one tiny section. The rest of it I was able to retopo with Quad Remesher and it’s nice. I have HB modeling bundle and went in and did a retopo of the dodgy area, used the script to project it and it looks nice. But ...

How in the world do I remove the messed up mesh / polygons and bring in the new clean polys? There has to be a way to do a partial retopo and I’m just missing it. Even the HB video doesn’t show the final piece of this puzzle haha. 


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There is not some tool/command which connect two differently dense meshes together (if don´t count boole/volumes builder). You did not post any screenshot so we cann ´t say how it looks like but try stitch and sew partially for edge loops, close holes between them and try QM again if needed better retopo...


But maybe the best is create logo from scratch with correct topology...

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5 hours ago, kanec said:

There has to be a way to do a partial retopo and I’m just missing it.

Not really. People almost never need to only partly retopo meshes - in 98% of cases they will need to retopo the whole thing, although that paradigm might be changing now the exoside solution is available, which is a relatively recent thing. Like Bezo notes we would need to see at minimum some pictures and ideally have the scene file in order to advise specifically.



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To do a partial retopo you would typically duplicate the mesh then delete the polygons that are bad.

Using the original mesh as the background mesh and the duplicate mesh as your new partial retopology.  You  will continue to fill in the missing areas using your usual retopology process.  This is a practice some use when keeping some parts of a mesh from zbrush to speed the process by not doing the retopo from scratch.



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  • Thanks for the all the advice, guys. Makes sense then why I didn't see anything out there on partial retopos!

    I would've included a scene file or some pics, but honestly its a question I've had for a number of models so the responses to my generic question are actually perfect. As always, I appreciate the speedy responses. The C4DCafe is my goto source to search for answers. The forums are a wealth of knowledge so thank you guys for contributing so much.



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