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Pose Morph Keyframes not Animating

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I've got a rigged character with face geo pose morphs.

The character was rigged with C4d's character object and the pose morphs deform the geo correctly.

The pose morph tag is in Animate mode. Priority is Expression.



When I set keys on each of the five poses (smile, brow raise, etc.) the keyframe values are set and their values show properly in the dope sheet, but the slider values stay constant at whatever I last set the sliders to. Animation is enabled on everything.

The end result is that the key values change in the dope sheet, but the face remains frozen.


Created in R19, but I've tried to diagnose it in R21 as well.

I've attached a stripped down version of the scene. Any ideas??




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It's the keys themselves that appear to malfunction. The slider keys (in Animate mode) are the ones being recorded.


The morphs function perfectly with each other, but the values will not change over time in the animation, even though the values in the dope sheet show as being recorded correctly. It's as if the tag takes the most recent key and nullifies anything previously recorded.

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Holy ____ . I can't believe I did that.🤦‍♂️

I've been turning the lock on and off so much during animation, I must have hit that by accident. You're a life saver!

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Hey there.

I have the exact same issue. To be honest, as a C4D newbie, I am quite unfamiliar with how layers work. I am not working with layers, so when I go to the layers tab, the section is empty. Which makes me believe the issue in my case must be something else. Here's my project file: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ5ONakZpY8zlSVCrAugO6gidjQS8VsKwRv7

The character design and animation workflow so far was as follows:
1. rigged and animated via Mixamo

2. Marvelous Designer clothes

3. Imported to C4D as alembic

Now I am trying to distort the face. I am not looking for a precise/realistic facial rig. I am just trying to mess it up. I just want it to be animated, but I get the same problem CHWatson had: key values change in the dope sheet, but the face remains frozen.

Considering that, unlike CHWatson, I am not looking for precise facial animation, maybe there is a better way to approach this then pose morph?

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Hmf, I've got a similar setup and the same problem: 


1. Rigged and animated character via mixamo

2. Added Posemorph for some simple face animation


When setting up poses, everything works as expected. But in the final

step, when keying the posemorph-sliders, the keys just don't "stick". 

The little circle in front of the slider also acts slghtly weird, not showing

the outline/full color and red/yellow hints, it's just plain red the whole time. 


Anyone got an idea? I'm totally stuck... 😞



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For anyone willing to look into this, here is a Onedrive-Link with

the original scene and a simplified scene, accompanied by a video 

showing the problem in each scene: 




The simplified scene is without mixamo, xpresso, etc. and shows the

same problem: The keyframes of the posemorph don't 'stick', so the

face does not animate, but only shows the last status. 


Super-Strange: *sometimes* it does work, when copying the simplified

objects into a new scene and setting up the animation anew. Maybe

once out of 5 tries. 

I totally can't find any rhyme or reason to it, so I also opened a support

ticket with MAXON. But maybe you guys have something up your sleeve? 


Thanks for looking into it! 🙂

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