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Plane Visible in Render when it shouldn't be

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Hi all! 


So I'm relatively new to C4D. I was putting together a short animation to composite on top of some footage in After Effects so I went to export my model as a PNG sequence (Alpha Channel was checked.) I have a plane set below the object with Shadow Catcher on it in order to maintain the object's shadows in the rendered sequence, however the plane is set to Visible in Render: Off and when I do a render preview it looks perfect like this- 


As a png sequence should. 

(Dimensions are 1920x1080 btw that's just the whole viewport black for the preview.) 

So that in theory should be what my final render looks like and when I check the alpha it should have a shadow.

Yet, when I render in picture viewer, the plane that should be invisible shows up, like this- 


If more info is needed I'd be happy to oblige, but for now I'm calling it a night until I can get some clarity on the issue. Thanks for your help

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