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3D Printing Tiffa from FF games

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Hello 😄 Ok so I found this very cool model of Tiffa online, and I would love to print her out on my Ender 3 pro, paint her and have her on my desk as a cool peace. I am using Simpilfy3D to slice the model but I am getting all sorts of problems with the end result, I have posted this in the FB group of S3D and the stuff they told me did help but still some of the GEO is missing when I slice, as you can see in the picture. In S3D I separated the mesh to parts, that did help, I was told that the mesh was non-manifold I tried to fix it in Meshlab and do a Dynamesh in ZBrush but still having problems... Maybe you can take a look and the model and try to slice, tell me how can I make a great slice with this Model and have her printed out, The size I would like her to be printed is about 20cm tall... THX in advance for the help 😄

Here is the model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3606232

P.S. you might have to wait a while for the site to load, since the it is very slow in the past few fays, must be over visited or something... 

Tiffa 1.png

Tiffa 2.png

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