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Assigning materials via 'MoGraph Selection'

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Hi all,


As the title implies, I would like to assign materials to clones in a Cloner array based on their 'MoGraph Selection' indexes.

Is there a way to do this without splitting the clone array across multiple cloners?


It might be relevant to note that my cloning mode is set to 'Object' and the object I'm using as a template is actually a Matrix object that references a geometry mesh.


File attached:


Many thanks for any reply,







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Simply use shader effectors restricted to different mo-selections...

scene opened in R13, so there are standard falloffs instead of fields


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  • Hi bezo!


    Many thanks for the reply. This looks good, though my problem has acquired another dimension in the meantime.


    So what I'd like to do is animate the textures or shaders over time, so that at first keyframe, the colors of the clones are randomized (by way of a MoGraph Multi material and a Random Effector) and by the last keyframe, each clones' color is determined by its Mograph Selection tag and the Shader Effector assigned to that tag. To rephrase, I would like to blend these colors over time so that at start of animation, the colors are randomized, and they are eventually overridden by their new color.


    I gave this a try, though don't seem to be getting any results. The effect of Shader effector does not override the underlying MultiShader. I played around with different settings under the Shader Effector's 'Shading' tag, but nothing seems to make a difference.


    I clearly don't have a good technical understanding of how these Effectors actually work. Would you be able to offer further insight?


    Thanks again,






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