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Emissive Material Object or Light with Opacity Falloff?

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Hi All! Total Cinema 4D/Octane newbie here; thought I'd try to tackle a new design skill during this coronavirus self-isolation.


I'm sure I'm struggling to do this because I've just tried to dive in without really fully understanding how everything works, but I was hoping you guys could help me work out how to create something; essentially a bar of light which has an opacity falloff. The blue light in this awesome piece by Sarper Baran below is a good example.


thought this would be fairly easy to achieve, so I jumped straight into the Node Editor and created a Blackbody Emissive material with a Falloffmap assigned to the Opacity, and what appeared in the Material Editor, which you can see in the screenshot I've attached, looked exactly as I hoped it would! However, as you can also see in the screenshot, when I've applied that material to an object (in this case a plane), the opacity of the object has not been affected by the opacity of the material I've applied to it. Is there something really obvious I'm missing to achieve this? Or have I approached it in totally the wrong way? Any help will be greatly appreciated!








glow gradient material.png

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