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spiral UVs

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i try to apply very long panoramic photo of mountains to the spiral from the attachment.  what i want to achieve is that the peaks of those mountains point always towards the center of my render so i end with this 'polar coordinates' style tunnel but with a spiral instead of simple circle. i barely played with uv's before and im wondering if there's any simple way to do that?


any help would be appreciated.




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How did you make this ? Because if you did it via 2 helix splines in a loft your UVs should be pretty much right without you having to do much to them.

You need your UV map to look something like this one... with basically all the polys in a single straight line from left to right.




To get mine to do the right thing I had to select all UV polys, and do Fit UV to canvas, followed by a Mirror V command to flip them as they were the wrong way up initially. Lastly you just need to load the same image in your material into the UV editor window via Open Texture, and the UV canvas should expand to fit it. You didn't provide the picture so I had to use any old random panorama I had lying about, which is why mine is blatantly too short for the spiral, but you can hopefully see the concept working, and if there were mountains in mine, they would be pointing at the centre of the spiral...







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mine mesh is skewed in the center and gets straight towards right/left edge. any way to get those lines paralell?



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