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Editing tilt/rotation of path

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Hello folks, struggling with my transition to C4D here. Blender lets you edit the tilt of paths/curves, but I can't find that function in C4D.

  1. Problem here is that the cube flips through the loop. I tried duplicating the path, deleting the loop, and using it as a rail, but keeps doing the same (plus adds some sway/banking during curves). Not sure how to solve this. 
  2. I had to break down the track in two different sweeps (one for the loop and another for the rest of the track), because it kept twisting the surface in the loop as well. Is there a way to make it in a single piece?


Attaching a quick playblast here. 

Thank y'all

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Welcome to the cafe 🙂


Always upload the scene file with a question like this so we can see your complete setup...



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For this kind of animation is needed to use path spline to prevent "jump" rotations...

fast example


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