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Random per clone specific parameters

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Good evening,

I'm trying to randomize a parameter (in this case, the inner radius of a tube) across a cloner array. I can't figure how to affect the clones individually instead of the main object only.

-Problem number two is the Random integer, keeps changing per frame, I want to freeze transformation for each instance. So I assume it will have something to do with the instance id. my mind can't figure out the link 😄


Did anybody tackle a similar problem?



Thank you.


clones data.c4d

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So it worked for this specific project. you can see the result, I'm pretty satisfied for simple/single objects.


But the solution I'm trying to figure out is yet to be found. 😄 as the setup I am working on now is more complex. I ended up using a baked cloner grid array in a Voronoi fracture object, and random effectors. screenshot.thumb.jpg.24e514be0da39dec99d772072bda1d3b.jpg


Will keep looking.

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