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Molten Metal Ball with Animating holes

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Hello everyone, 


I am trying to do sth and honestly have no idea what am I doing 🙂

The idea is that I need to create a ball made from molten metal that is constantly changing. 

In perfect world the holes in the ball need to brake, change in size, disappear. It has to look organic. The whole ball needs to pulse and change all the time. 

This I can do with a displacer. I made my attempt with voronoi fracture using polygon reduction, but I have no idea how to make the holes animated... 

So I am stumped. Can anyone help me with that? 


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one noise displacing a sphere for the undulations and another noise added into volume builder in subtract mode for the holes?

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Is this close enough to what you want?


or here is a different approach. Both are quite parametric and customizable.



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